Waxes have been used for a long time in the automotive industry. They have been used to protect the paint surface from dirt and other impurities. Before the invention of ceramic coatings, waxes were a very effective way to facilitate car washing. In waxing, a light layer of either hard wax or liquid wax is applied to the washed surface. This is allowed to harden, and then the excess layer is wiped off the surface. Waxes last in cars for 2-5 months, but, for example, some tar removers or iron removers dissolve wax on the surface and weaken its durability, or in the worst case, the wax is completely dissolved from the surfaces during washing. Waxing can be done even if the paint surface is scratched. This may also partially “fill in” scratches and make the surface appear slightly scratch-free.

Ford Mustang Shelby ceramic coating

Wax +
– Easy to apply
– Inexpensive
– Provides a good shine

Wax –
– Very poor durability
– Does not require surface polishing
– May cause additional scratches during application
– Does not provide UV or corrosion protection
– No Self Healing function
– Water repellency easily deteriorates
– Not approved by insurance companies

Ceramic coating

Ceramic coatings were developed as part of car care. Initially, coatings lasted on the paint surface for a few months, but now coatings are promised to last for several years.
The coating creates a layer 2-8 µ thick on top of the car’s clear coat and partially blends into the clear coat. So, you cannot wash off the coating with detergents.

The coating protects the paint surface from UV radiation, so the car’s paint remains bright and does not fade due to the sun. Harmful substances such as bird droppings, insects, gasoline/oil do not damage the car’s paint surface; instead, all “damage” remains on the coating, making it easy to remove with, for example, a heat gun (Self Healing). The gloss of the car is glass-like, and this gloss remains if the car is properly and regularly maintained. Washing the car is made easier due to the Hydrophobicity, as dirt and water effortlessly slide off the paint surface.

The coating repels very fine scratches that may occur when washing the car. Light scratches can be removed with a heat gun or infrared lamp due to the Self Healing function.

Ford polishing

Coatings can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces. Cars can be coated with coatings on every part such as wheels, door gaps, windows, fabric/leather seats, and the chassis. Coating can be used on boats, motorcycles, households, bicycles, and many other everyday items.

Before installing ceramic coating on a car, the surface must always be polished to almost scratch-free. The coating lasts better the more flawless the surface is. Of course, the coating can be applied to a scratched surface, but the durability of the coating is significantly reduced.

Ceramic coating –
– A scratched surface must always be polished before installation, which may incur significant costs
– The price of ceramic coating is considerably higher than wax

Ceramic coating +
– Effectively protects the paint surface
– Provides significant ease in car washing and maintenance
– The car always shines uniformly glass-like
– The car does not need to be waxed or protected again
– Removing stubborn dirt is easy, and the car’s clear coat remains intact
– Light scratches are removed with the Self Healing function
– The coating can be installed on every part of the car
– Improves the car’s resale value
– Approved by insurance companies

Mercedes-Benz G63 ceramic coating


The saying “Wax is dead” applies to the present day. With coatings, you get easier car ownership, and you no longer have to worry about protecting your car. Coat your car with a high-quality and long-lasting ceramic coating, and you can use wax jars as paperweights, as they are well suited for that.

Porsche Finland ceramic coating

The next step up from ceramic coating to a more durable category is paint protection film (PPF). For more information on the differences between these, check out here.

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