Car wheels are subjected to extensive stress throughout the year, accumulating various impurities on their surface that often adhere tightly to the wheels. One of the most significant challenges for wheels is brake dust, which forms as brake pads wear down and generate dust when braking. Especially on light-colored wheels, this brake dust can appear as a golden hue, creating an unsightly appearance. Additionally, other impurities typically accumulate on top of the brake dust, making their removal more difficult.

Cleaning wheels becomes particularly challenging in the summer due to heating from braking and ambient temperatures. Dirt may “bake” onto the wheel surface, requiring considerable effort to remove. Additional challenges arise from the inner rim of the wheels, where dirt accumulates easily and is difficult to remove due to the complex shape of the wheels. Those dealing with versatile wheels and tight clearances may find wheel cleaning to be nearly an impossible task.

A solution to these challenges is to protect the wheels with a ceramic coating. A ceramic coating forms a durable protective film on the wheel surface, repelling dirt, brake dust, and other impurities. This significantly facilitates wheel maintenance and preserves their appearance over the long term. With a ceramic coating, wheels maintain their shine and are better protected against environmental effects, thereby extending their lifespan and enhancing the overall appearance of the vehicle. By investing in ceramic coating for your wheels, you ensure that your car’s tires are always in the best possible condition.

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Acquiring a new car often raises the question of how to best protect the durability and appearance of one’s investment. While many focus on protecting the paintwork and interior, the importance of wheels may sometimes be overlooked. However, it’s crucial to understand that wheels are exposed to many environmental influences and easily accumulate dirt.

While allocating time to protect the car’s paintwork, I recommend exploring possible package deals. These offers are often worthwhile, especially if multiple protective measures are applied to the car simultaneously. Protecting the paintwork is crucial in maintaining the car’s appearance and is worth investing in.

However, protecting the wheels is equally important. The time allocated for wheel coating can be a decisive factor in their durability. It’s advisable to inquire whether wheel coating involves removing them first. Without removal, the coating cannot be evenly applied to every part of the wheel, potentially leading to inadequate protection.

Restyling Point Oy offers comprehensive wheel coating services, including wheel removal, thorough cleaning and preparation, application of the wheel coating, as well as cleaning and coating of brake calipers. This holistic approach ensures that your car’s wheels receive the best possible protection and remain attractive for a long time. By investing in wheel coating, you ensure that all aspects of your car are protected and ready to withstand the test of time.


When it comes to used wheels, implementing coating requires a bit more effort and meticulousness. Coating cannot be applied directly to worn or dirty surfaces, so the wheels need refurbishment before coating. It’s recommended to start by mechanically polishing used wheels. While removing scratches may be laborious, restoring shine is much easier and revitalizes used wheels.

Traditional car polishing machines may be too large for wheel polishing, so we recommend acquiring a pen-shaped polishing machine. Such a compact device fits better into tight spaces, allowing for more precise work. You can purchase a pen-shaped polishing machine from, for example, online store.

The wheel refurbishment process begins with solvents and pre-wash detergents. The wheels are thoroughly brushed with a wheel brush and then rinsed. Iron remover is applied to the wheels and left to act. If necessary, brushing can be repeated. The wheels are rinsed and dried, after which the inner rim of the wheels is treated with clay, removing any remaining dirt from the wash. Next, the wheels are meticulously dried, preparing them for polishing. Although the polishing process can be messy, the wheels can be washed again after polishing.

At the end of the polishing process, remove or wash off any residues from the wheel surface and clean the surfaces using, for example, IPA solution, which removes any grease from the wheels. For coating, it’s recommended to use a coating with the longest drying time possible. Such a coating allows you to wipe off excess coating before it dries, enabling more precise and controlled work, such as finishing the inner side of the wheels.

Polishing brake calipers follows the same principle. The calipers are washed and cleaned thoroughly, polished meticulously, taking into account any engravings and model markings under the lacquer. After cleaning, coating is applied, ensuring durability and an attractive appearance for the brake calipers as well.

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Oxidized and Damaged Wheels

Accumulated dirt on the surface of wheels over time can cause significant damage to the surface layer, hindering effective polishing. Especially deep scratches pose a challenge, and traditional polishing may not be sufficient to remove them. In cases where wheels are severely damaged, sandblasting or repair emerges as the only practical option. Sandblasting can restore the wheel to its former glory by repainting it, thus giving it an almost new appearance.

If there are only a few scratches or dents on the wheel, spot painting may be a viable solution. In this case, the damaged area is carefully painted, and if necessary, it can be sanded smoother, significantly improving the outcome of spot painting. We recommend contacting us to assess the condition of your wheels so we can offer budget-friendly options for refurbishing them.

If the wheels require more extensive refurbishment or specialized expertise, we can also handle wheel refurbishment through our partners. This allows for a more comprehensive approach, ensuring that the wheels receive the necessary maintenance to achieve the best possible outcome. Whether it’s spot painting, sandblasting, or other refurbishment procedures, we aim to provide solutions that restore your wheels to their original splendor while also considering your budget.

What to Consider Before Coating?

Wheel coating is an important process that requires careful consideration to avoid potential issues in the future. When planning for coating, it’s crucial to ensure that the chosen coating is specifically suitable for wheel coating. Selecting a high-quality and long-lasting coating is crucial, given the significant stress wheels endure.

Ensure that the chosen coating dries slowly and lasts long. As wheels are constantly in use and exposed to various environmental effects, a durable coating provides the best protection. It’s important to note that there’s a risk of applying too large areas of coating at once, which can lead to the coating drying onto the wheel. Choose a coating with a drying time of about 5 minutes to allow for more careful removal and to avoid additional problems.

If the coating dries onto the wheel and cannot be wiped off, you can use a microfiber cloth and small amounts of polishing compound to rub the area. Removing the freshly applied coating reveals the wheel’s original surface.

If your wheels are so new that they haven’t been fitted with tires yet, do not coat the wheels yet. After tires are installed, balancing weights are applied to the wheels, and if the wheel is coated before this step, the coating must be removed before installing balancing weights. Coating a wheel in such a situation may lead to the balancing weights coming off and causing vibrations in the car.

Before starting the coating process, it’s advisable to contact experts to assess the condition of your wheels and choose the most suitable coating process to ensure their long-term protection and appearance.

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Wheel Polishing

Wheel polishing may seem straightforward at first, but its proper execution requires the right tools, time, and patience. Before diving into polishing, we recommend watching instructional videos to gain a clear understanding of the process and its requirements.

The first step is to ensure that the wheels are absolutely clean and free from loose dirt. Loose dirt may adhere to polishing tools and cause new scratches on the wheel surface if cleaning is not performed meticulously. It’s recommended to start polishing from easier areas to get a feel for the polishing tools used and progress towards tighter spots. Initially, we suggest using lower speeds, and if multiple polishing machines are available, consider trying a larger machine in certain areas to save time.

If you’re planning for a single-stage polish, we recommend using a medium-cut compound as both the polishing compound and pad. It’s important to choose the right aggressiveness, as too aggressive a compound and pad may leave haze on dark wheels. This haze needs to be removed with a finishing compound and a soft pad. When removing compounds, ensure thorough removal to avoid any residues on the wheels before coating. This is crucial for the durability of the coating. Always polish one wheel at a time to ensure a thorough and consistent result.

By following these steps for polishing, you can ensure that your wheels receive the proper treatment they deserve and remain attractive for a long time.

Wheel Cleaning

After applying ceramic coating to the wheels, they only require regular thorough cleaning thereafter. Choose a wheel-specific cleaner, avoiding overly harsh cleaners that may compromise the durability of the coating. Acids are also substances that should be avoided in wheel cleaning.

In the cleaning process, start by rinsing the wheels to remove loose dirt. Then apply pre-wash detergents and solvents to the wheels before thorough rinsing. Use a shampoo with wax or coating, and if necessary, utilize small detailing brushes and longer brushes to access the inner rim of the wheel as well. Spray water from multiple angles to ensure that all dirt is completely removed from the wheels. Regularly washing the wheels helps prevent the buildup and stubbornness of dirt.

Avoid using excessively stiff brushes in wheel cleaning, as this may unnecessarily wear down the coating. Ceramic coating is designed to reduce the need for vigorous brushing and ensure that the wheels remain clean and protected.

Lamborghini wheel coating

What Cleaning Products to Avoid?

Maintaining the condition of wheels is crucial for preserving their appearance and durability. However, careless treatment of wheel surfaces can lead to damage, and one of the most common reasons is the use of improper cleaning products.

Powder-coated wheels, in particular, are very sensitive to the choice of cleaning products. Too aggressive cleaners can cause visible streaks on the wheels, ruining their clean appearance. It’s essential to choose cleaning products carefully to keep the wheels flawless.

Decades ago, wheel acid was a popular choice for removing brake dust and iron deposits from wheels. Although the product was effective, its use may not have been safe for wheels. Acid corrodes wheels every time it’s used, negatively impacting their appearance and durability. Glossy black wheels quickly lose their shine due to acid washing, and brake calipers may also suffer.

Fortunately, wheel acid is no longer widely sold, and safer alternatives are available. pH-neutral iron fallout removers are designed specifically for wheels. Most of these products are pH 7, which means they do not corrode wheels or diminish their shine. These neutral iron fallout removers can also be used wax-friendly, which is crucial for maintaining the wheels’ shine.

Excessively alkaline cleaners can also cause the wheels to lose their shine. Especially if the cleaner dries on the wheel surface, it can leave unpleasant streaks. Therefore, always follow the mixing ratios and usage instructions of cleaning products to ensure that the wheels remain beautiful and durable. Careful and proper maintenance ensures that your car’s wheels stay stylish and durable for a long time.

Protection with Coating or Wax?

Protecting wheels is an essential part of maintaining their longevity and attractive appearance. This text explores two different options for wheel protection: waxing and ceramic coating.

Waxing is a traditional and effective way to protect wheels from dirt. It provides excellent protection and does not pose any risks to wheel damage itself. However, if wax dries on the wheel surface, it can be safely removed with a solvent or isopropyl alcohol. Waxing creates a hydrophobic surface on the wheels, effectively protecting them. However, it’s worth noting that wax can wash off if the detergents used are not wax-friendly. Hydrocarbon solvents and some iron fallout removers can weaken wax durability.

Another option is ceramic coating, which requires a bit more knowledge of product application. The coating dries quickly, and wiping it off should be done almost immediately after application. However, if the coating dries on the surface, removing it can be challenging, although it’s possible by abrasion. The coating provides longer-lasting protection for the wheels compared to wax, and its hydrophobicity is significantly better. It also offers UV protection, preventing the sun’s harmful effects on wheel shine. Although the coating is more expensive than wax, its durability makes it a more cost-effective option in the long run.

Spray-on quick coatings are a quick and convenient way to protect wheels from dirt. These products are sprayed onto the surface and wiped off with a microfiber cloth. Although their durability is typically a few months, they are straightforward to use. This option is especially suitable for those who value convenience and speed in wheel protection.

In conclusion, it’s essential to note that the choice of wheel protection method depends on personal preferences, skills, and budget. In any case, regular and proper maintenance ensures that your car’s wheels stay as good as new and protected for a long time.

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Wheel Coating Services at Restyling Point Oy: Quality and Care

Restyling Point Oy is an experienced company specializing in wheel coating services. Over time, we have successfully completed hundreds of wheel coating projects, providing each wheel with individualized and professional treatment. Our key principles are care, precision, and customer satisfaction.

The first step in our coating process is removing the wheels from the vehicle. This is done carefully using the appropriate tools. Once the wheels are ready for coating, we reinstall them on your car using a precision torque wrench to ensure the correct tightness of the bolts.

After removing the wheels, we perform a thorough cleaning to ensure their cleanliness. If we detect any scratches or other marks on the wheels, we use our expertise to polish and remove them if possible. After this, we dry the wheels and remove any grease or other contaminants that may interfere with the coating.

For coating, we use only high-quality coatings designed specifically for wheels. We can use traditional coating cloths or, if necessary, a precision pen sprayer for more intricate areas.

While the wheels are drying, we always keep them indoors for at least 12 hours before they are handed over to customers. Although we can expedite the process with an infrared lamp, we do not recommend this as we want to ensure the durability and quality of the coating.

While the wheels are drying, we also polish and coat your car’s brake calipers. This includes a thorough cleaning and drying before coating, ensuring the appearance and performance of the brake system.

At Restyling Point Oy, we offer wheel coating services that combine expertise, high-quality materials, and customer satisfaction. Trust us to maintain the beauty and durability of your wheels!

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