Wrapping the exterior surfaces of a car is an excellent way to change and personalize your vehicle. Generally, any lacquered exterior part of a car can be wrapped, which opens up the possibility of creating stunning visual effects. It is important to note that wrapping is particularly effective on glossy surfaces, such as the car body and other lacquered parts. The same principle applies to the interior, where glossy surfaces can be wrapped, but not plastic parts.

On the other hand, plastic parts, such as plastic arches and decorative strips, are unfortunately not suitable for wrapping. This sets some limits but also provides an opportunity to focus on other visible parts that can make a significant impact on the car’s appearance.

During the car purchasing process, the question may arise whether it would be possible to enhance the car’s appearance with, for example, a black roof or black window trims. Even if the car otherwise seems like the perfect purchase, these small visual “deficiencies” can significantly influence the decision when buying a car.

Restyling Point Oy specializes in car wrapping and other small visual modifications. Whether it’s window trims, logo wrapping, or other details, you can rely on us to bring out the best visual aspects of your car. We believe that a carefully planned and professionally executed wrap can make a big difference in a car’s appearance. Trust us when you want to make your car unique and attractive.

Partial front wrapping for Alfa Romeo

On a Budget

The exterior look of a car can be easily and stylishly modified with small measures. For example, wrapping the front logo or mirrors in black offers an opportunity to create a sportier appearance. Wrapping the roof can give the impression of a glass roof, and covering the chrome window trims with glossy black wrap creates a pleasing contrast with the windows.

Wraps can be tailored precisely to your wishes. If, for instance, you want the mirrors in a different color, it’s not a problem. Only imagination sets the limits for the wraps’ implementation. Individual wraps are also not expensive, so we can talk about “small change” in terms of their cost. We can also consider doing the wraps in stages, for example, starting with the window trims and later moving on to the mirrors. This way, you can save on costs and manage your budget without a significant financial burden all at once. Wrapping thus offers a flexible way to stylishly and cost-effectively modify the car’s appearance.

Wrapping the Audi grille in glossy black

New Car

In the offerings of car manufacturers, it is apparent that some car brands lack options for finishes that cover chrome surfaces. Some brands offer alternatives such as “Shadow Line” or “Black Line,” where all the car’s trim and other separate parts come from the factory in black. When considering ordering a car, we can help by advising which parts can be wrapped if any part of the car’s appearance is not to your liking.

It is also essential to consider whether it might be more economical to wrap parts of the car afterward rather than selecting them from the factory. It’s important to remember that while wrapping offers an alternative, it may not necessarily produce the same result as painting and lacquering the part at the factory. Modern materials are continuously developing, and for example, colored Paint Protection Film allows for a fully painted visual result.

Wrapping a new car is recommended to be done before applying any ceramic coating. It is important to avoid factory coatings if you plan to wrap parts of the car. The adhesion of the wrap’s adhesive can be compromised if there is a ceramic coating on the surface. This consideration helps ensure that the end result is both visually pleasing and durable.

Tesla wrap and mirror wrapping

Used Car

The same opportunities as with new cars apply to used cars, especially when considering personalized modifications. If a specific car is being considered but lacks, for example, a black roof, we can use high-quality materials to wrap the car’s roof to make it visually appealing.

When purchasing a used car, there are a few things to consider. If the car has been ceramic coated all over, the coating needs to be removed from the areas intended for wrapping. However, the costs of this procedure remain reasonable, especially when looking at individual parts of the car targeted for wrapping.

For instance, if decorative trims on the front of the car are to be wrapped, it is essential to consider any significant stone chips that would be advisable to touch up with paint before wrapping. Deep stone chip marks can show through the wrap as bumps. Touch-up painting is always done with the car’s original color. We recommend obtaining the necessary paint color before wrapping, and we can take care of the touch-up painting.

If you have a specific car in mind but are not satisfied with a particular detail, feel free to contact us. Together, we can discuss what changes we can make to the car to visually match your preferences. We offer customized solutions to ensure that your car’s appearance fully meets your expectations.

Jaguar's blackout wrapping

What Can Be Wrapped on a Car?

Car wrapping or wrapping car parts represents an extremely cost-effective way to modify the appearance of a car in the desired way. With wrapping, almost any color can be used, and there are hundreds of options. Logos, patterns, or just stripes can be wrapped on the car, and when it comes to the car’s paintwork, only imagination sets the limits.

Wrapping car parts as separate pieces offers flexibility for changes. For example, popular window trim wrapping is a cost-effective way to change the car’s appearance. Traditionally, window trims have been wrapped in glossy black, but alternatives include satin black or matte black wrap.

Roof wrapping is the second most popular target for us, aiming to create the impression of a panoramic or glass roof. At the same time, we recommend wrapping roof rails and the antenna in the same color as the roof, creating an overall stunning result.

The term “chrome delete” may be familiar to many. Car manufacturers often use chrome as a stylish detail, such as in window trims and front and rear decorative strips. Replacing or painting these parts can be expensive, but with wrapping, we can change the color of these parts or hide the chrome under glossy black wrap. This adds significant style to the car as the contrast between the paintwork and chrome disappears. Exhaust pipe end trims can also be wrapped if they are mainly decorative and not in active use.

In some car models, the manufacturer offers a two-tone option where the roof and A and B pillars are black, and the rest of the car is a certain color. This accessory can be quite expensive, and wrapping can be a much more cost-effective option. “Pillar delete” works great on light-colored cars where the color difference is clearly noticeable. Wrapping opens up the opportunity to personalize the car’s appearance at reasonable costs.

Center console wrapping with carbon fiber vinyl wrap

What Not to Wrap on a Car?

Although wrapping offers an excellent way to change the color of almost anything, it is still essential to consider a few things regarding wrapping. Sometimes wrapping may not be the most economical option, and in some cases, it may even prove impractical.

One common question relates to wrapping car model emblems. These parts are often so small and detailed that wrapping may not always be practical, and it can also be costly. At its most economical, model emblems can be ordered for around 30 euros each, which is significantly cheaper than wrapping. Visually, ordered emblems often look better than wrapped ones and are likely to last longer while maintaining a good appearance. Quality emblems can be ordered from the most common Chinese websites.

Another question concerns wrapping wheels. Although the result might look good, the constant wear on wheels in daily use poses challenges for the wrap. We have noticed that wraps may not necessarily stay on wheels for long or the wrap might quickly wear out, especially with regular wheel washing. Wheel wrapping may be considered mainly when the car is driven only limitedly per year, for example, with museum cars or summer cars.

There are also parts of cars that can be ordered ready-made more affordably than wrapping them. For example, BMW’s front bumper air intake grilles are one such example. Ordered, these parts may cost only 42 euros, whereas wrapping may exceed the 100-euro mark.

Interior wraps are possible mainly on lacquered parts, excluding wood trims found in some car models. Fabrics or other natural materials are not suitable for wrapping. This is an important consideration when considering interior modification through wrapping.

What Wraps Can You Get for 200 Euros?

Wrapping car parts offers a budget-friendly way to add personality and style to your vehicle. If your available budget is limited but you still want to give your car some uniqueness, we present a list of a few targets that can be wrapped within a 200-euro budget.

  • Mirror Wrapping – ~99 euros each
  • Roof Wrapping – ~199 euros
  • Hood Wrapping – ~199 euros
  • Diffuser Wrapping – ~89 euros
  • Grille Wrapping – ~99 euros
  • Roof Rail Wrapping – ~199 euros
  • Dash Trim Wrapping – ~99 euros
  • Door Trim Wrapping – ~99 euros

It should be noted that in some cases, especially when a part is unusually shaped or wrapping requires more time, the above prices may be higher. Prices are based on the most common wraps, such as glossy or matte finishes. Specialty wraps may incur additional costs.

The experts at Restyling Point are ready to help you find the right solution, considering your budget and desired outcome. Our flexible approach and expertise ensure that your car’s appearance gets the desired refreshment without significant costs.

Shadowline Wrapping: Elegance and Personality for Your Car

Shadowline wrapping is a skillful way to give your car a visual makeover by wrapping all the decorative trims in glossy black. This style is particularly well-known and desired, for example, in the accessory offered by car manufacturer BMW called “Shadowline”. The price of this accessory ordered from the factory is available on BMW’s official website, and we will update the information as soon as it is available. Instead, you can get Shadowline wrapping for your car starting from 499 euros.

With Shadowline wrapping, we aim to achieve the same visual change that the BMW M package offers. Window trims, front fender air intakes, front bumper trims, rear bumper trims, and exhaust pipe ends are wrapped in glossy black, creating a unified and stylish appearance.

Interestingly, this wrapping style can also be applied to other car brands, not just BMW. We want to offer the opportunity to bring this exclusive and sophisticated look to various car models.

If you want to change your car’s model emblems to black, we can easily handle this for you. Order the emblems in advance and deliver them to us, and we’ll take care of their replacement professionally. This way, you can complete your car’s appearance consistently and stylishly. Shadowline wrapping is not just a matter of appearance; it’s a way to add more personality and distinctiveness to your car.

BMW "Shadowline" wrapping

Creative Interior Customization for Your Car: The Enchanting Possibilities of Wrapping

The interior customization options offered by car manufacturers are often limited, focusing mainly on changing the color or material of the seats. Fortunately, nowadays, modifying trim pieces opens up new doors for interior personalization. In cars where interior customization is not straightforward, wrapping provides a creative and budget-friendly alternative for refreshing the look. However, the car’s interior is the part you experience and see the most during your drive.

One of the most common changes is wrapping the center console. A glossy, piano-black lacquered center console is particularly prone to scratches and wear. By wrapping it, you not only achieve a visual change but also protect it from scratching. The same high-quality wraps used for exterior wrapping can be used for center console wrapping.

Interior wrapping can be applied to flat surfaces, but fabric and leather materials are not ideal for wrapping. Some curved shapes may pose challenges for wrapping. For example, in certain Mercedes-Benz models with a wooden lacquered steering wheel, wrapping needs to be done in two parts, leaving a seam behind the wheel.

If you want to make interior wrapping even more budget-friendly, you can disassemble the parts you want to wrap yourself. This saves both time and money. You can surely find instructions for disassembling parts on YouTube, but a word of caution: without experience in disassembling parts, you may damage the fasteners, making them unable to return to their original condition. Our skilled experts are ready to assist you in creating a unique interior that reflects your personality and style.

Interior wrapping with brushed aluminum vinyl wrap

Budget-Friendly Visual Transformation for Your Motorcycle

Transforming motorcycles visually through wrapping offers a new way to personalize the vehicle affordably and creatively. With a small wrapping job, a significant transformation can be achieved, setting the motorcycle apart from the crowd and adding uniqueness to its appearance.

Wrapping possibilities for motorcycles mainly focus on plastic fairings and lights. The metal or aluminum parts of the frame cannot be wrapped due to their surface material. However, various wrapping ideas can be applied to plastic fairings. For example, wrapping numbers or stripes on the fairings can give the motorcycle a racing look. Darkening the lights or turn signals is another stylish option that adds sophistication to the motorcycle’s appearance.

For budget-conscious motorcycle owners, the most recommended option may be to disassemble parts during the winter and bring them in for wrapping separately. This avoids the hassle of transporting the motorcycle and makes the parts easier to handle for wrapping. Additionally, bringing in parts separately allows for splitting the costs into parts, which can be beneficial if, for example, the parts are not needed for wrapping for a few months.

There are many different wrapping kits available for motorcycles, and if you’re considering getting one but lack the necessary expertise for wrapping, you can rely on our expert assistance. With our expertise, we ensure that the wrapping of your motorcycle is done exactly the way you want, adding a unique touch to your vehicle. We’re here to help you create a visually appealing and personalized riding experience with your motorcycle.

Motorcycle wrapping

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