Did you know that the correct order of applying protective coatings can save you money?

The proper sequence of actions in car care can impact the final costs. In this section, we provide tips for saving money and share authentic customer experiences that might help you make a better decision.

Tesla Model S coating

Often, new car buyers develop a nurturing instinct towards their fresh acquisition. This is something many have noticed, whether it’s with cars or even a new home.

With used cars, this might manifest in activities such as changing oils, replacing worn parts, fixing paintwork, or acquiring new rims.

For new cars, the focus is primarily on protecting the paintwork and acquiring related protection products such as PPF (Paint Protection Film), rust protection, windshield protection film, and ceramic coating.

Most new car owners only realize the need for protection after driving the car out of the dealership and then hastily schedule an appointment without sufficient research on the right protection solution.

The topic of this post is the technically correct order of product/service installation. In other words, the proper sequence of spending to prevent additional costs.

Removing Ceramic Coating

A typical situation that is encountered all too often: the customer wants to install protective film on the car’s surface. It’s a great idea, but when the car already has a ceramic coating… How and where does this affect things? Can’t you just apply the film over the coating?

The characteristic of ceramic coating is its hydrophobicity, which prevents dirt and water from adhering to the paint surface. Consequently, the adhesive surface of the film cannot adhere to the repellent paint surface. Depending on the brand of coating, some films adhere better than others, but none adhere sufficiently to meet the technical warranty requirements for PPF installation.

BMW film removal

The only solution here is to remove the ceramic coating, which involves polishing it off with polishing compounds and polishing machines to achieve maximum adhesion for the film’s adhesive. On average, this additional polishing process costs between 300-800€, depending on the size of the car, its color, the brand of the installed ceramic coating, and the timing of the installation.

It’s worth noting that the costs of implementing the ceramic coating to be removed have already been in the range of about 650-1500€. High-quality ceramic coatings cost starting from around 650€ without any preparatory work. With a quick calculation, we’re talking about a range of approximately 950-2300€. With this amount, you could have at least protected the front end of the car with paint protection film.

Porsche polishing and ceramic coating

When the surface has been polished and the biggest risks of the adhesive sticking are removed, a responsible installation company may not always legally guarantee the PPF film staying on the paint surface. This is one approach to responsible business practices.

During the installation phase, there may still be residues of the coating in certain edges and crevices that may not always be removed during the polishing process. And precisely these areas can be crucial for the adhesion of the overlying film or PPF paint protection film.

The correct sequence of actions is primarily the responsibility of the customer, so it would be wise to consider all possible applications of tape first and only as a final step apply ceramic coating to the installed tapes.

First, consider:

– Pre-styling elements, such as black mirrors or roof, chrome delete, tinting of lights, etc.
– Protection of the front end/ paint surface with paint protection film, sills, thresholds, etc.
– Changes to the attachment of license plates
– Possible installations of additional parts, such as spoilers, lips, flares, etc.

And preferably only after consulting with a professional styling company and they have provided you with a technically correct plan that meets international quality standards in the automotive industry, can you apply the ceramic coating to the car’s paint surface, as well as to all the aforementioned tapes.

However, it must be mentioned based on experience; about one-third of customers have had a ceramic coating before the installation of tapes, and even today, years after the installation of the tapes, there has not been a single complaint about the tape staying on. The reason is a carefully performed mechanical polishing, and theoretical risks have been carefully minimized.

PPF film removal

For example, at Restyling, risk analysis is carried out through practical tests. Using PPF film, adhesion tests are conducted to determine the need for polishing stages before the milling process. This is done to find a cost-effective and sufficiently low-risk – adequate technical milling method for each car individually. This eliminates risks and ensures long-lasting and high-quality installations for the customer.

Why does this happen?

The thorough reason why some customers may encounter this additional expense is that they are disappointed in the promised properties of the ceramic coating. Such as the promised scratch or stone chip resistance. And only after purchasing the ceramic coating and driving the first few thousand kilometers, they realize.

This is not entirely the right way to sell a ceramic coating.

Tesla Model 3 scratches

This is why a fact-based guide was created – “What is the difference between ceramic coating and PPF paint protection film?”

Ceramic coating is undoubtedly a great addition to a car. But it has its own aspects that are worth exploring.

Glass Coating for Windshield

Glass coatings have become more common and have received good feedback. When it comes to the chemical coating applied to windshields, caution should also be exercised because windshield-specific protective films, such as Madicon ClearPlex and Stek DynoFlex, have shown unbeatable strength.


Budget may be a decisive factor in choosing ceramic coating instead of PPF film, for example. The difference can be hundreds or thousands of euros.

For example, a full car ceramic coating including preparation may cost around €800 – €1500+, while a full car PPF protection may start from €5400. Prices may vary between installation companies.

However, it is important to remember that these products cannot be compared in any way because they belong to different product categories.

In summary: first the tapes, then the ceramic coating. This way you can avoid unnecessary costs.

Remember to consider your own car usage, driving habits, theoretical wear and tear of the car, and consult with professional companies about the option that suits you best. Installation companies are happy to help you make the right decision.

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