Immediately after installation:

After the installation, the car should not be washed for 2 weeks. If you notice any detachment in the film / tape, contact the installation shop immediately.


The installation comes with a one-year warranty, and the windshield protection film has a 1-year warranty.

Restyling Point does not chemically manufacture the products / raw materials it installs, such as tapes and films. We innovatively keep an eye out for new products, test them, and constantly seek the latest and best chemical technology to provide our customers with the highest quality products in the automotive care industry. The warranty provided by Restyling Point is the warranty provided by the tape / film manufacturer, so in the event of any complaints, the matter will be handled with the manufacturer’s representatives. Our task is to find the best possible raw material for the customer and install it in the most durable way possible on the customer’s vehicle.

At Restyling Point, the PPF film is not installed according to global standards. On the contrary, it is installed in a way that is even more durable, complex, and aesthetically pleasing than industry standards. The film is installed using our experience-based best installation / film retention method. The goal is to create maximum protection with the film, the most durable installation possible lasting for years, and an installation method that is inconspicuous.

The purpose of the windshield protection film is to protect the windshield from external physical factors and keep the car’s windshield intact. Here’s an example.

Therefore, the windshield protection film stands guard in front of the glass, shouting – Bring it on!

The windshield protection film takes all the loads upon itself, and it is supposed to suffer, it is supposed to get damaged. But at the same time, it keeps the windshield untouched. The windshield protection film is a post-installed surface that gets damaged and scratched if necessary, while the windshield does not.


  • If the pressure from a pressure washer comes too close during the washing process, it may lift the edge of the film or create a hole in a flat area. Therefore, machine washing is at your own risk, and we recommend hand washing the car.
  • Direction of pressure washer pressure: not towards the edges.
  • Regular cleaning is important for maintaining the surface: in winter, it is good to regularly wash the car using iron and tar remover. In summer, we recommend cleaning the front of the car from insects thoroughly to avoid having to polish them off. The secret to an effective car washing process is not high pressure but effective chemicals.
  • There are specific chemicals for each type of dirt, such as iron remover, tar remover, insect remover, etc. For example, you can obtain effective professional products from us for easy car washing.
  • Cleaning is recommended in a covered area. Dark-colored cars should be allowed to cool down before washing in hot weather.
  • When washing the windshield, be careful with the direction of water pressure from top to bottom. Below the lower edge of the windshield, there are rough black trim pieces, and in many car brands, the higher fold of the trim is located about 5 cm from the edge of the film. When water force hits the fold of the trim, it creates a vortex and throws the water pressure back upwards towards the lower edge of the film, risking the trim being lifted or damaged. Therefore, do not hold the pressure washer too close to the lower edge trim pieces, and do not direct the pressure towards the edge of the trim.


  • If a stone impact hits the edge of the film, its adhesive surface may weaken.
  • If there has been a glass coating on the glass surface before the windshield protection film is installed, it may weaken the adhesive’s adhesion.
  • Windshield wipers may scratch the film. Regular cleaning of the wipers, car washing, and checking the condition of the wipers minimize scratch formation.
  • If a large stone or nail hits a flat area, it may cause a visual change in the film.
  • Stek DynoFlex protective film is the latest innovation in windshield protection films. Nevertheless, the protective film bends slightly when looking through it. Initially, it may feel uncomfortable, but over time, the eye adjusts, and it is no longer noticeable. Especially at the beginning, the fold is larger because there is fresh installation fluid under the film, and the fold decreases as the fluid dries.
  • Do not scrape windows with a scraper in winter. The only effective solution is storing the car indoors or using a Webasto/remote heating system.
  • Snow freezing on top of the car may cause stress on the open edges of the protective film.

Film Removal:

It is recommended to have the windshield protective film removed at a professional facility.

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