Lifetime AfterCare Maintenance Program

In addition to detailed warranty terms, we have created a free maintenance program for our PPF customers.

For years, we have implemented a lifetime AfterCare maintenance program for our PPF customers at no cost. This is an individual product maintenance procedure.

This maintenance procedure only covers film detachment resulting from natural product wear or intentional/unintentional use.

In practice, this means that if a customer washes their car incorrectly with a pressure washer and causes damage to the film, we will aesthetically remove the detached piece. The repair procedure should take a maximum of 5-10 minutes and does not include the installation/gluing process of a patch or any other repair. Or if PPF protective films installed on the level of the tires and adjacent areas detach or change appearance to look unsightly, we will cut out the desired areas as requested by the customer.

The purpose of the AfterCare maintenance program is to provide customers with ease of use for PPF film because we know the facts about the product and inform customers about the real usage possibilities of the PPF product, thereby ensuring the presentable appearance and condition of the installed PPF film.

In AfterCare maintenance repairs, the customer does not pay for cutting out the damaged area. The repair can be done without a prior appointment, but in this case, the customer may have to wait depending on the installation situation. It’s best to arrange the AfterCare maintenance repair time with the shop in advance.

Restyling Point’s PPF AfterCare maintenance program works for the lifetime of that customer for the car they originally purchased from Restyling with PPF installation.

The AfterCare maintenance program cannot be transferred with a change of ownership. After a change of ownership, the normal product/service warranty applies.

We reserve the right to make changes.

Warranty Terms

Warranty terms are divided into two areas: installation warranty and material warranty.

There is a one-year warranty for installation work and a 1-12 year warranty for materials as stated by the manufacturer. Deviations in warranty terms are noted in the warranty certificate or order confirmation if such deviations have been present in the car/installed item and have even a slight possibility of affecting the durability and warranty terms of the product or installation, e.g., ceramic coating, etc., on the car before taping, which affects adhesion.

The durability of the product is significantly influenced by the car’s usage and washing method.

For more detailed warranty terms.